Things to know


Mosquitoes, critters, ticks and more

The Retreat is located in the countryside and therefore surrounded by nature with all of its creatures. This is an old farming village. The amount and type of insects change depending on the season but people have survived many summers since the pre roman times, so don’t be afraid!

Some you might see… midges (very small and bite like mosquitos-only in Summer), ticks, scorpions (not poisonous I’ve been told), bats (specifically next door- they don’t bother you and they come out at night), wild boar, elk, foxes, unleashed dogs and cats (do not try and pet any of these).

* Bring a mosquito/tick repellant.

* Any necessary medication



The Retreat is located in North Eastern Coast of Italy. It is a Mediterranean climate. It presents high humidity all year round, with rainy/snowy warm winters and hot and dry summers. … Snowfall is consistent during winter, with temperatures that often drop below 0 °C (32 °F) during winter nights so you have to have in mind the time of the year that you plan your visit. That being said, things can be unpredictable lately, so be prepared to take out your raincoat in July or stay outdoors for hours without freezing in November.

There are large lightning and thunder storms  and wind storms in the area.


There is little to no connection. Get ready to unplug and go deeper in to your practice of self care.


The People

The people are very kind and very curious about you and why you are there. Please be respectful of the town, the people and their businesses. Buy from them and let them know that we are there to support them. Let them know that we are there to immerse ourselves in their amazing culture. There are only about 3 people in the town that speak a little bit of english. Brush up on some necessary Italian phrases.


In the Area

There are 3 national parks. SanSalvo Marina (beach) and Vasto beach. There are also 8 ski resorts in the area.


Bring with you

– sun protection
– good walking shoes
– sandals
– reusable water bottle
– a journal and a pen
– a good book
– comfortable clothes
– bathing suit
– euro (this is a rural area and a lot of places accept only cash)
– insect repellent
– basic toiletries


History of the city

The province, Chieti, is amongst the most ancient of Italian cities. Founded by the greeks, this is a pre-Roman town but eventually was taken over by the Romans. In 1806 Chieti was turned into a fortress by Napoleon’s France. In 1860 it became part of the newly created Kingdom of Italy.  Allied forces liberated the city on June 9, 1944, one day after the Germans left the city.

There are many museums and beautiful churches to visit while in Abruzzo.