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The Team


Anna Conner – Reiki Master – Dynamic Meditation Leader – House Cook

Reiki Master, Anna Conner was named a Featured Artist to Watch in Berlin’s Kaltblut magazine 2014 and is a artist based in Seattle, WA since 2006. Anna is a multidiscipline artist. She paints under DOMENECH, creates sound design under ONE and choreographs under Anna Conner +CO. Her work has been commissioned and presented by Velocity Dance Center, On the Boards, Conduit, Chop Shop, Pacific Dance Makers and Movement Research at Judson Church among others. Conner has received residencies from Ponderosa dance (GER) and Velocity Dance Center (WA). Her work is supported by Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grants, The Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, and 4Culture. Anna is the Founder of the multidisciplinary artist residency La Figlia ART House in Fraine, Italy.


Italy Padilla – Yoga + Meditation Leader

Italy has always had a profound passion for movement, stemming from her extensive background in dance. She holds a BA in Dance and Fine Arts and has danced professionally both as a freelance artist and for renowned companies in the US. She found her love for teaching when she became a certified Barre instructor in her home of Seattle in 2011. Alongside teaching Barre and dancing, yoga has always had a steady presence, consistently creating a space for her to be grounded and present in. Wanting to expand both her own practice and her love of teaching, she went on to get her yoga Certification through Frog Lotus Yoga in 2014, deepening her education for mind and body connection. Italy has a special way of creating a community feel within all of her classes. Her strong emphasis on personal attention, alignment and engagement with her students make her classes a comfortable, creative and energetic place to be. Italy’s vision is to help others bring balance into their lives by cultivating awareness and connection to their own bodies.

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Hayley Shannon – Dance Healing Leader

Hayley Shannon is originally from Saline, Michigan where she discovered the power of nature and dance to return her to a sensation of aliveness. Upon finding dance at age seven as a channel to transform self-consciousness into spirit, she pursued it with great passion. In 2015 she journeyed to Panama to teach youth at orphanages and students at University of Panama. The following year, she followed a call to study dance/movement therapy in Greece with Dr. Danielle Fraenkel, founder of Kinections. This experience catalyzed a transformational shift personally, creatively and professionally and empowered Hayley to further her somatic studies while infusing D/MT into her dance teaching in Seattle. As an educator, she has completed Anne Green Gilbert’s Summer Dance Institute for Teachers, WA State’s Teaching Artist Training Lab, and continues to study with somatic practitioners in the region, including embodied consciousness facilitator Sono Hashisaki. She believes dance technique, especially when combined with mindfulness, can facilitate body agency – the capacity to claim all parts of ourselves as an interconnected, spacious being with a unique voice to explore and celebrate.

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Ruby Somera – Inspirational Speaker

Ruby Somera, Co-Founder of Creative Uprising Collective, has worked for over 16 years in the Fashion Industry as an Apparel Designer.   Ruby thrived for 14 years as a successful and innovative design leader whose superior taste level, trend forecasting and garment ingenuity resulted in maximizing revenue and market share growth for the world renowned lifestyle brand, Tommy Bahama.  During her tenure, Ruby spent time managing the highest grossing product category within the company.  As a bold leader within the organization she established and managed multi million dollar product categories.  Because of her critical thinking contributions and aesthetic consistency for the brand and customer profile, Ruby also developed a high end capsule group designed for a younger, more affluent demographic.   Her work has appeared in various national publications including GQ Magazine and WWD.  Her designs have made appearances in films such as the Transformers50 first datesthe Descendants, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Ruby’s designs would often be seen on television shows such as                                                                                                        Modern Family and Jane the Virgin.  Her fruitful career in Apparel Design provided her with comprehensive  knowledge of brand storytelling, visual composition, and creative direction.  As a true innovator in merging design and photography, Ruby has pioneered a unique cutting-edge formula for marketing businesses.  This cross pollination gives her insight into strategies and solutions for building positive and trustworthy connections between businesses and their clients.


Kim West – Pilates Leader – Craniosacral Therapist – House Cook

Inspired by the intelligence of our physical bodies and the strength of our spirits to heal and thrive, Kim is a movement practitioner who teaches the Pilates principles as a way to empower anyone to feel connected and calm in both mind and body.

Kim has taught Pilates for nearly 10 years in New York, Europe and currently in New Zealand. She has completed extensive studies in functional movement over the years, and leads continuing education workshops to movement practitioners worldwide. In 2016, she became a master instructor with Balanced Body to certify new instructors.

Kim is a practitioner of CranioSacral Therapy (CST), a gentle form of bodywork that leverages the body’s healing wisdom to enhance the craniosacral system. By releasing facial restrictions and improving the health of the central nervous system, CST can facilitate positive change in all systems of the body.