Welcome to The Retreat

My name is Anna Conner, I founded The Retreat to lift women up and help them shine spiritually and mentally. When I became a mother, I was going a hundred miles an hour, spending my days worrying about everyone in the family and rushing to get everything done. I was constantly forgetting that self care is not selfish. I was living by the clock and not by what my heart needed. It was exhausting and I felt myself slipping away. Through the practices my colleagues and I will share at this retreat, I’ve been able to connect to the universe and find my way back to me. I am here to live in service of others.

This retreat is held in the village of Fraine, Italy. Traveling is very important to me. I’ve found that it has broadened my understanding of what our lives can really offer us. The Retreat is held twice a year. It is a holistic experience to help others gain the skills needed to sustain a balanced lifestyle. My colleagues and I will share the tools we’ve acquired over the years that have helped us live in the moment, in joy and in our truth.

The universe has given us gifts that are locked within us. These gifts will help us live in true alignment with who we were born to be. Join us, let’s explore who we are together. We are all sisters, in love and truth.




A little bit about my background

I am a former choreographer and sound designer with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts. I am currently a Reiki Master, an abstract Painter and an aspiring Author. My daughter, Lennon, led me to painting. It was her childlike curiosity that pushed me to create with no ego or expectation. She also inspired me to write my first book. The main character is named Penelope, which is Lennon’s middle name. One day Lennon told me that she hated her middle name, Penelope. When I asked her why, she said that whenever she’s in trouble, I call her Penelope and could I call her something ugly when she’s in trouble instead. I started writing the book because I wanted to show her how special her middle name really is. Being a mother is my most important gift. We all have an important gift and story to tell. We have this opportunity, this current life to shine and live in our truth. Let’s make it happen!